Manual Machining

Well equiped efficient workshop able to manage most jobs with the support of the cnc milling and fabrication shop

Manual milling, turning, broaching, keyway cutting, drilling tapping and reaming services available


  • Mill chevalier NT30 Hiedenhain XYZ Digital read out
  • Lathe Microweily 32mm bore 500mm bc quickchange tool post Jenix XZ Digital read out
  • Lathe Chinese 82mm bore 1500mm between centres quick change tool post, many tools  XZ Digital     read out
  • Cold cut saw Berg Schmidt 275mm
  • Cold cut saw Bramely 250mm
  • Bandsaw Bemato 350mm
  • Bandsaw Carif 320mm
  • Small surface grinder
  • Mag base drill

Engineering and Maintenance fastrac